Arena Events

Field 1 – Arena


11.00am         Motorcycles

11.30am         Emergency & Military Vehicles

12 noon          Lawn Mowers

12.30pm         Tractors

1.15pm            Commercial

2.30pm          Steam Engines

3.20pm          Classic Cars

4.00pm          The Chickerell Challenge



11.00am         Tractors

11.30am         Commercial

12 noon          Emergency & Military Vehicles

12.30pm         Motorcycles

1.00pm           Lawn Mowers

1.20pm           Steam Engines

2.30pm          Children’s Tug of War

2.50pm           Classic Cars

3.20pm          Presentations


Field 2 – Arena and Stage


11.30am         The Conwy Jester

12 noon          Punch and Judy

12.30pm         Dorset Axemen

1.00pm           Birds of Prey

2.00pm          The Conway Jester

2.30pm          Punch and Judy

3.00pm          Dorset Axemen

3.30pm          Birds of Prey



11.00am         Punch and Judy

11.30am         The Conway Jester

12 noon          Dorset Axemen

12.30pm         Birds of Prey

1.00pm           Milk and Two                  (music entertainment on stage)

2.00pm          Amberlight Majorettes

2.30pm          The Conway Jester

3.00pm          Dorset Axemen

3.30pm          Birds of Prey