The Chickerell Challenge


…..that crazy, hilarious, run around, mad cap, bonkers competition that is….








Teams competing this year are:


The Wallies

current champions looking to defend their hard earned titleπŸ†


The Modropheniacs

winners three years ago, aiming to ‘scoot’ their way back to the top πŸ›΅


The Mockneys

all the way from Aldershot. Winners two years ago, looking for a good ‘lager & lime’ to be this years ‘chicken dinners’ πŸ»πŸ—


The Jolly Boys Groupies

new team on the block, hoping their first ‘outing’ brings them glory πŸ€ πŸŽ–



4pm Saturday afternoon in the main arena

you DO NOT want to miss this

seriously funny!