The Chickerell Challenge

4 teams, wheelbarrows, water, obstacle course, cider, prosecco, apple dunking, pork pies and hay bales. This could be interesting!!!


The 2018 final was between the reigning champions THE MOCKNEYS and our first to be seen ladies team, TEAM MILF.  PORTLAND STONE and THE MODRAPHENIACS did their best, were pipped to the finish line in their heats.

The ladies team did very well on their first outing and won the final.



2019 saw the return of 3 previous teams, THE MOCKNEYS, TEAM MILF (Defending Champions) and PORTLAND STONE, and we welcomed a new team WACKY RACERS. In the heats, TEAM MILF beat THE MOCKNEYS and PORTLAND STONE beat WACKY RACERS.  

So, to the final, it was very close but PORTLAND STONE got the edge on THE MILFS and won for the first time.



We now look forward to the Chickerell Challenge 2022. Who will be up for competing this year?  Do THE MILFS want the trophy back? Do THE MOCKNEYS want to win back the title or will PORTLAND STONE want to continue their reign?

We will have to wait to see which teams will be entering, who will win the heats and who will be in the final 2022.

And who knows, there may be changes to the course!!!!

Come and join us and cheer on your favourite team, this is not to be missed!!

In the arena opposite the beer tent