Awning Displays

2022 Exhibitor List

Ex No    Displaying                                                                                 Owner

642         Dot Milk Float 1947 Villiers 123cc                                           A&J Hibberd, Trowbridge

643         Collection of Construction Plant 1960’s onwards                    M Bentley, Southampton

644         Farm Models of yesteryear & display of working farm            J Williams, Wiltshire

645         Dolls in Vintage Dress                                                              B&L Ezard, Southbourne

646         Model Tanks, Cars, Vans, Trains                                                C Jones + J French, Bristol

647         Diorama Scale Models & Vintage Lorries                                E Ovenden, Sherborne

648         Powder Compacts, Lipstick Holders, Pill Boxes                        M Carpenter, Devizes

649         Mamod Steam Models                                                             C&B Watts, Powys

650         Yesteryear Toys and Garden Machinery                                   R Holland, Lymington

651         Collection of sprayers dating from the 1930’s to 1950’s         G Geall, Wareham

652         Various fuel related lorries, cars and vans                                D Hann, Sherborne

653         Citroen 2CV’s in a Paris theme with Eiffel Tower                      A Homer, Bournemouth

654         Victorian + Edwardian Oil Lamps                                             A Ramsay, Bournemouth

655         Gobur Folding Caravan                                                            Thelma & Martin Simonsoln