Exhibitor Public Liability Insurance

There has been a lot of discussion regarding public liability insurance. We hope that the
following information provides some more detail around this aspect of our request.

Each steward is asking their exhibitors to provide a document stating that they have
Public Liability Insurance for their exhibit. This is to protect you as an exhibitor and it is a
condition of the show being able to be insured that each exhibitor has their own
public liability. The show insurance does not cover individual exhibits, it covers
fencing, portacabins, porta loos, marquees, etc.
Normal vehicle insurance covers an owner/person on the road, it does not cover the
owner/person when the vehicle is being shown as a static display. For example, if you are
displaying your vehicle at a public event, and a member of the public passes your vehicle
and hurts their leg on the bumper and wants to claim against you, your road insurance does
not cover this.
On your insurance documents, it is usually stated that any Rally’s are not covered by the
insurance. However, the term “Rally” has two meanings in the insurance world.

The first is to do with any kind of motor racing. In the “Terms & Conditions” of your insurance, there will something like – ” Rallies – we will provide cover when your vehicle is being used in connection with local, national, or international rallies etc”. Also it will say something like
“This cover does not apply to any rally that includes racing, pacemaking, or being in any
contest or speed trial.” This is not what is required.

The second meaning of rally is about static displays and states something along the lines of
” Static Display – we will provide cover when your vehicle is part of a static display (where it
is parked and not being driven) “. This IS required.

The majority of exhibitors will find that your exhibit is covered for this, but you need to ask
your insurer for a copy of the certificate/document. If the above is explained to them they will
understand what you are asking for.
When a policy is first taken out you will receive a copy of the full terms and conditions where
this is stated. When you receive your renewal, you may not get a copy of the full terms and
conditions but if you contact your insurers they will send them to you.
Insurance companies that we do know who have this included within their insurance for
definite are: – Footman James and NFU Mutual.

We are happy to talk this through with you if you have any concerns.
Chickerell Steam and Vintage Show Directors